Ohio Tax Refund Status – Check Online at tax.ohio.gov

Ohio Tax Refund Status Check Online at tax.ohio.gov

Check your Ohio State Tax Refund Status

UPDATED: January 14, 2018 – As tax season approaches those early bird filers can start filing their tax return as soon as possible. The easiest way to file is by e-Filing; you can use the Ohio I-file system or a free tax preparation website online. By e-Filing early you are set up to receive your tax refund as soon as it’s ready. We are in no way affiliated with Ohio I-File, see below for login access.

Login to your I-File account at tax.ohio.gov

— Visit the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODOT) at tax.ohio.gov
— Click on the link to Individual I-File to file an individual income tax return.
Direct access to I-File is also available at www.tax.state.oh.us/IFILE
— Login to I-File by entering your username and password.
If you do not have a I-File account, you can create one by clicking the Register button.
— Complete your Ohio State Income Tax Return Forms (OH-IT-1040)

Fill out the Ohio state income tax return forms to determine your refund amount or the amount of taxes you owe the state of Ohio. Once the forms are complete, and you double-checked the data in your forms, you can file your tax return online through I-File.

Track your Ohio Tax Refund Online

Once you have filed your tax return individuals are able to begin tracking their Ohio tax refund, if e-filed, as soon as 24 hours after it is accepted by the Ohio Department of Taxation. For those who have sent their tax return in via USPS will have to wait at least four weeks before they are able to check the status of their tax refund at tax.state.oh.us.

 “Where’s my Ohio State refund?”

Individuals will have to sign in to see their Ohio tax refund information. You can track the status of your tax refund by using the Ohio Department of Taxation’s “Where’s my Ohio State refund?” tool. This is an online tool that allows users to view their Ohio tax refund status and amount. In addition to the online tool the Ohio Department of Taxation has a phone app for mobile devices that Ohioans can use to check their tax refund status on the go.

Step 1 – Visit the Ohio Department of Taxation at tax.state.oh.us
Step 2 – Enter the personal information listed below
–  Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
–  Date of Birth
–  Type of Tax Return (Income Tax or School District)
Step 3 – Click Submit  ifile

Get Organized

The best way to file your tax return regardless if you are e-filing or using a paper tax return form is to get organized! Gather all of your tax documents and financial statements from the previous year. These will all be important when filling in your tax return forms.

Common Tax Forms for the State of Ohio

OH-IT-1040 (individual income tax return)
OH-IT-1040EZ (individual income tax EZ return)
OH-IT-1040-X (amended individual income tax return)
OH-IT-40P (income tax payment voucher)
OH-RITA-EX (declaration of exemption)
*this list is a sample of common tax forms used in filing you federal or state tax and is does not include all necessary tax forms

How to File Taxes in Ohio

After you have gathered all of your tax return information you have several option for filing your taxes.

  • Hire a tax consultant
  • Use a professional tax preparation software
  • File using a free tax preparation software online
 Benefits of e-Filing

Approximately 91% of US taxpayers submitted their 2015 tax returns via e-file vs traditional paper income tax returns.  Filing electronic tax returns is faster, safer and far more convenient.  Although the major benefit of filing your taxes electronically or e-file, is that your tax return is processed twice as fast as traditional paper tax returns.  By e-filing and choosing to receive your tax refund via direct deposit will put your money in your bank account twice as fast than if your tax return was filed the traditional way.

File Your Ohio State Tax Return Online

The Ohio Department of taxation has its own electronic filing system known as Ohio I-File. The Ohio I-File allows citizens a one stop shop for all of the tax return filing needs. They can check the statues of their tax return or tax refund, make changes to their bank account information for direct deposit, update any personal information and view any payments that need to be made.

Ohio I-File Features at tax.ohio.gov
  • Check the status of your Ohio State tax refund
  • File your Ohio tax return online
  • Make online payments
  • Find your school district
  • Manage and make updates to your account

NOTE: We are not affiliated with Ohio I-File, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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