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UPDATED – January 15, 2018:    Everyone hates to pay IRS taxes each year. The good news? The government has created a much easier way to hand over your hard earned money with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System aptly named EFTPS online. We are in no way affiliated with EFTPS.gov, see below for login instructions.

The Department of Treasury created www.eftps.gov, a convenient free tax filing option to pay your taxes. You can even pay your taxes with a credit card if you like. Now, you just have to wait and wonder Where’s My Refund! Create an EFTPS Login next time your file your tax return.

Who Can Use EFTPS.gov?

The quick answer is everyone can pay their Federal taxes through this website. Make payments via www.EFTPS.Gov, private tax professionals channel, Payroll services, and financial institutions. The great thing about EFTPS online is that you can schedule payments in advance; up to 365 days depending on if you are paying for business or paying personal taxes. The other great convince is that IRS online tax payments can be made 24/7.

You can choose one of two electronic payment options, Electronic Funds Withdrawal or credit card. Either option is a convenient, safe and secure method for paying individual income taxes. You can also use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System if you enroll in advance. You won’t have any more last-minute trips to the bank or post office, lost checks, or missed deadlines. It’s easy to use, fast and accurate. IRS research shows that businesses that use EFTPS are 31 times less likely to make an error that results in a penalty or fee.

Is there a cost to file your taxes online with EFTPS Online?

No. EFTPS does not charge taxpayers for its services. However, if you choose to use www.eftps.gov through a Financial Institution (available only to businesses), you may incur a fee from your financial institution. Please check with your financial institution directly to inquire about their fee structure.


EFTPS allows your payroll company to send your federal tax payments electronically. To view payments made on your behalf, you will need to register with EFTPS to receive your PIN (Personal Identification Number). Complete the online New Taxpayer Enrollment Form at www.eftps.gov.

Within 15 days you will receive your PIN in the mail at your www.EFTPS.GovIRS address of record. You will also need to create an Internet Password. Instructions for the Internet Password will be delivered in the mail with your PIN.

E-Filing with www.EFTPS.gov

Once you have registered with EFTPS, you will then have access to view your federal payments being made by your payroll company. Please know it can take a couple of days after the payment date for the payment to post to your account.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System: The easiest way to pay Federal taxes
The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is a free service of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. We encourage you to begin paying business taxes via www.eftps.gov or the service’s phone channel:

EFTPS is the free electronic service provided by the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury that allows you to make online or by phone federal tax payments without the hassle and expense of a manual process using paper coupons. Visit the EFTPS government website at www.eftps.gov.

How do I make an EFTPS Federal Tax payment?


At least 14 days before your tax payment due date, you will need to go to the EFTPS online website and select the enrollment tab. You will be asked to provide the following information during the registration process:

Your employer identification number (EIN) for business or a Social Security number (SSN) for an individual.
A bank check or deposit slip for the account you wish to debit your government tax payment. Use the check or deposit slip to identify the bank’s Routing Transit Number (325182700) and your account number.

While your account is being set up, a temporary password will be sent to you by mail that you will use together with your EIN or SSN and the personal identification number (PIN) you selected to login or call to make a payment.

At least one day before your tax payment due date (before 8 a.m. Eastern), visit www.eftps.gov and select the login or call 1-800-555-3453 for a business payment or 1-800-315-4829 for an individual’s tax payment. You’ll be prompted for your EIN or SSN, your PIN, and your password. You’ll then provide the information necessary to complete the transaction.

EFTPS Login Issues

If you forgot your EFTPS Login, please see Reset Your Password or visit www.eftps.gov for more assistance.


NOTE: We are not an affiliate with www.eftps.gov. You should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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